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A growing political divide and a lurch toward tribal politics repeatedly tested the Arizona senator’s pledge to avoid the kind of “destructive hyper-partisanship” that he said was ruining the nation’s political discourse.

Meghan McCain is reportedly considering not returning to "The View" in September after feeling like a "caged animal." Shortly before Gen. Keith Alexander’s April 2010 hearing to be the first chief of U.S. Cyber mand, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., approached the general with a question. During the 2008 U.S. Sen. John , who died Sturdy fter long bttle with brin cncer, ws frequent visitor to Grnd Cnyon University nd ws gretly dmired by GCU executives, stff nd students. The University relesed Tags: john, mccain, leaves, legacy, On Immigration, McCain Leaves a Sen. John left n indelible mrk on the hyperprtisn immigrtion debte tht could fer lwmkers n eventul overhul blueprint. Sporters biprtisn overhul the country’s immigrtion lws lost stndrd-berer in Sen. John , who died t 81 on Sturdy following bttle with brin cncer.