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A growing political divide and a lurch toward tribal politics repeatedly tested the Arizona senator’s pledge to avoid the kind of “destructive hyper-partisanship” that he said was ruining the nation’s political discourse.

John McCain memorial: Joe Biden, friends, family honor 'America's hero' Thousands gathered for John McCain's Arizona memorial service at the North Phoenix Baptist Church. In a farewell to the American public, the late U.S. Sen. John McCain warned that "tribal" politics weaken America's greatness and standing in the world. John 's helth is pprently concerning enough to begin plnning funerl -- nd Vice President Mike Pence is on the invite list but not President Trump. Tags: john, mccains, funeral, being, John McCain: America's Space Program John : the pst 50 yers, spce ctivities hve contributed gretly to US scientific discovery, ntionl security, economic development, nd ntionl innovtion, pride nd power (the Interview with John Sentor John wged vigorous high-prile cmpign the Republicn Presidentil nomintion.