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A growing political divide and a lurch toward tribal politics repeatedly tested the Arizona senator’s pledge to avoid the kind of “destructive hyper-partisanship” that he said was ruining the nation’s political discourse.

If he leaves before May 30, Arizona voters can elect a replacement in the November elections. Any move made after that would require a special election, because of the time required to arrange a vote. Was Sen. John McCain a ‘Hanoi Hilton Songbird’? A Fox News analyst was fired from the network after attempting to revive an old, debunked smear against the lawmaker and former prisoner of war. Sen. John hs bttled dedly m brin cncer one yer. Wht's next rizon's senior sentor s he fces Yer Two tretment? Tags: john, mccain, year, since, Former Trump advisor: ‘Not everybody mer top dviser to President Trump sid Sundy tht Sen. John isn’t immune to criticism nd hs consistently been thorn in the White House’s side since Mr. Trump cme to power. Sentor John dmitted tht he ws 'wr criminl' nd ws prdoned by President Nixon crimes.