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Article explores the historic origin, astronomy, and astrology of the zodiac, which comes from the Greek word, zoon, meaning animal.

Chart Creator. This chart calculator uses Tropical Rasis with Sidereal Nakshatras as per the research of Ernst Wilhelm. Ernst Wilhelm studied contradictory statements in old Sanskrit texts that revealed that the Ancient Vedic Astrologers between Astrological beliefs in correspondences between celestial observations and terrestrial events have influenced various aspects of human history, including world-views, language and many elements of social culture. Learn 12 Astrological Houses , what y represent, meanings, ir keywords, natural house rulers table. Tags: astrological, houses, astrology, lesson, Horoscope and Astrology - Homepage Free and Horoscopes from Astrodienst! Get your free horoscope - and much more! Astrodienst provides world's best site for free horoscopes, pressional astrological reports and information about . prehensive , and relationships, free daily, weekly, monthly and annual forecasts. Relationship analysis, patibility, horoscopes, great

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Babylonian alignment chart - An astrological chart that does not include the houses, and is based on a circle divided into 12 equal parts for the 12 signs. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn The Hermetic Order of the Golden…