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The video of Britney Spears apparently running a red light with her children in the car was submitted into court Friday, a week after anyone with an Internet connection could judge it for themselves. The paparazzi video, posted on the … Continue reading

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Britney Spears has lost custody of her two kids due to concerns about her parenting. Britney was told to hand over the two kids to her ex-husband Kevin Federline. The Los Angeles Superior Court ordered Spears two weeks ago to…

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Latest rumors: Britney Spears lost her virginity to then boyfriend Reg Jones while she was just 14 years old!! More rumors: She and Justin Timberlake were intimate from the start of their friendship. Find more information about Britney during her…

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Britney Spears new 'Blackout' album leaks more and more. Tracks are available in the Internet via p2p network torrent. Black out release date is moved, we didn't get which way actually.. And rumors say: Blackout album cover art is not…

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Britney Spears new racy video clip (Gimme More) has been leaked on YouTube - they say! You can find this video for Gimme More on many sites, if you look around. Britney writhes around a stripper's pole wearing ripped fishnet…

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The courts also ordered Britney Spears to give up custody of her two children over to ex-husband Kevin Federline. Tony Barretto, 28, a former bodyguard for Spears appeared in court on Monday, but he was not called by the lawyers…