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President Trump threatened to cut federal emergency funding for California’s firefighters in the middle of a partial government shutdown.

President Donald Trump fired another shot in a trade war with China on Tuesday, threatening it with $200 billion more in tariffs. A full-blown trade war is looking ever more likely with President Trump threatening US allies upset with the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports he announced just days earlier, USA Today President Donald ratcheted up the trade war rheric with China on Thursday evening, saying he was considering another wave of steep tariffs on the country's exports the United States Tags: trump, threatens, china, with, Donald Trump Threatens New Tariffs President Donald launched a pre-emptive strike in the trade conflict with China, directing his aides identify $200 billion in Chinese goods new 10% tariffs—in case Beijing Donald wants change the law that protects your right question and criticize government leaders. Our democracy is dependent upon the ability raise questions about our elected officials without fear of