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WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign featured plenty of tough talk about China, took a more cordial tone with Chinese President Xi Jinping while visiting Xi’s country this week.

A watchdog group said this wasn't "the first time that Ivanka’s and President Trump’s business connections to China have raised potential ethics issues." President Trump is preparing to impose a package of $60 billion in annual tariffs against Chinese products, following through on a longtime Nearly three dozen Senate Democrats called President to put U.S. jobs and natial security ahead of China. Tags: senate, democrats, urge, trump, Trump follows through on steel, imposed steep metal tariffs U.S. allies Thursday, a lg-promised decisi that could spark retaliatory trade barriers. Dald appears to be “going where no US president has ge before” policies relating to China, risking a trade war with China with a 30% anti