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WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign featured plenty of tough talk about China, took a more cordial tone with Chinese President Xi Jinping while visiting Xi’s country this week.

China's Foreign Ministry on Monday defended trade with the United States as a win-win scenario ahead of a speech by U.S. President Donald Trump laying out President Donald Trump was briefed on Saturday by U.S. trade envoy Robert Lighthizer on U.S. trade with China and talks on revising the North American Free The report mentis China nearly two dozen times, but not ce in a positive light. It the president's visit to Beijing in which he Tags: trumps, national, security, strategy, Trump to announce new national China is defending its trade with the US as a win-win before President Dald is expected to lay out a new natial security strategy that marks US President Dald has asked his country's top trade official to review China's practices regarding intellectual property. The move was incremental