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We gave you a heads up on Thursday letting you know that Amazon had one more massive sales event planned for 2016, and now Digital Day is officially upon us. What is “Digital Day,” you might ask? It’s Amazon’s big … Continue reading

To an outsider’s eyes, Amazon’s ads seemed frenetic and breathless, maybe even a little desperate. But the strategy es straight from Bezos. SAN FRANCISCO — It didn't quite break the Internet, but a 4-hour outage at Amazon's AWS cloud puting division caused headaches for hundreds of thousands of websites across the United States. Find the latest business news pertaining to Technology covering panies, advancements, multimedia, electrics, mobile technologies, science available the official CNBC Technology site. Tags: technology, news, cnbc, February 2016 Author Earnings Report: Next, let’s look at how Amaz’s daily ebook s break down in csumer $ spending: Despite the higher ebook prices most traditially-publhed ebooks now bear, self-publhed indie titles accounted for nearly a quarter of all Amaz's fourth-annual Prime starts July 16, offering Amaz Prime users deals hundreds of items. If you're looking to e away some great deals th year, or just want some