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The New Jersey senator launched his White House bid on Friday morning with an email to supporters.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who is running for president as a Democrat, launched an obscenity-laced attack on Christians this week. Booker was disgusted by Christians who offer “thoughts and prayers” when something tragic happens. Democratic presidential contender Cory Booker on Thursday took a swipe at front runner Joe Biden for his support of the 1994 crime bill. 'I use this word sincerely. Senr (D-NJ) officilly kicks off rlly in homewn of Newrk, pledging be ' president ll… Tags: cory, booker, launches, 2020, Cory Booker launches his presidential becme myor of Newrk in 2006 nd becme fmous blend of socil medi svvy nd hnds on, emotionl politics tht herkened bck the rheric of the civil rights movement. New Jersey Senr is joining the 2020 Democrtic contest, nnouncing on Fridy tweet nd n emiled video supporters.