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The White House on Monday denounced the poisoning of a former Russian spy in England with a nerve agent as “an outrage” but did not echo London’s charge that Moscow was “highly likely” to be behind the attack.

President Donald Trump sent condolences Friday to the victims of the New Zealand mosque massacre. The White House on Monday denounced a spate of threats made against Jewish munity Centers around the country. In tragic self-owns, Trump racism, and calls for immigrati reform Trump scuttles plan to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe as top intelligence official Tags: white, house, government, news, White House Denounces Rep. Steve WASHINGT — ments by Republican Rep. Steve King about supremacy are “abhorrent,” the said Wednesday as bipartisan cdemnati of King ctinued. "I think we have spoken, and we have spoken both sides of the aisle, that this is unacceptable rhetoric and behavior," Hoyer said.