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Joe Biden spotted several children in the room and invited four of them on stage. After introducing himself, Biden joked as he draped his arm around a boy that “he gave me permission to touch him.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden made a joke about the allegations of inappropriate touching that several women have made in the past week while addressing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) conference on Friday. 1. Kanye West, 2. Bill Gates, 3. Donald Trump, 4. Joe Biden, 5. and a school girl Suddenly the plane developed a technical snag and only 4 parachutes were available. Former US Vice President 's Greest Hits, Gaffes, & Funny Moments from Speeches, Debes, Conventions Includes: 2020, memes, shotgun, creepy, big stick, four letter word, big deal Tags: biden, 2020, watch, bidens, Joe Biden jokes about hugs getting permission hug and uch people his event since 7 women alleged he uched them inappropriely Former Vice President joked th he received permission hug IBEW internional union president Lonnie Stephenson, as kicked off his speech since seven women went