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The battle for the future of the Internet heated up Monday as tech giants including Google, Facebook, and Amazon joined forces to issue a full-throated defense of net neutrality, the long-standing principle by which Internet data is treated equally. The … Continue reading

France’s Macron takes on internet giants in tech push The president weled leaders of dozens of tech panies at a conference meant to address how they could use their influence for the The meeting came as Facebook, Google and other online giants are increasingly seen by the public as predators that abuse personal data, avoid ta and stifle petition. Silic Valley’s giant panies have been quiet lately the questi of whether the government should protect an open , which they’ve previously argued is vital to novati. Tags: neutrality, push, internet, giants, China‚Äôs internet giants go global THERE was a time, not that lg ago, when Cha’s big panies were dismissed by vestors Silic Valley as margal firms a tendency to copy Western products. THE four of the age—Google, Apple, Facebook and Amaz—are extraordary creatures. Never before has the world seen firms grow so fast or spread their tentacles so widely.