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The Freecycle Network organization is organizing a worldwide network for individuals and groups to divert reusable goods for reuse. This idea has been copied by uncountable groups and sites around the world. Deron Beal set up the first Freecycle group … Continue reading

Important Shipping Info. At this time, we can only ship to the US and Canada. All prices are in USD. Shipping and handling for t-shirts is $5.00 for the first shirt and $3 for each freecycle.org ™ is made up of thousands of groups with literally millions of members across the globe. This Internet phenomenon has swept the world making Freec ycle the largest Internet based gifting munity of its Shannon's Birthday Fundraiser for Spendenaktion für von Shannon Bertilacci 185 $ (USD) / 200 $ (USD) · Beendet 20. Tags: freecycle, network, spendenaktionen, facebook,