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Rachel Mitchell argues that a “reasonable prosecutor” would not bring a case against Kavanaugh based on Blasey’s allegations.

Democrats seized control of the House while Republicans held the Senate on Tuesday in a national referendum on President Trump that drew record numbers of Battle for the Senate 2018 Polls. Battle for the Senate 2018 | RCP Likely GOP; MS2: Hyde-Smith (R) Safe GOP Seats: Democrats Republicans; Safe: Likely Mitch McConnell secured his Republican majority on election night. Now the GOP leader has to make sure he delivers the kinds of wins to secure Tags: 2018, midterms, republicans, keep, Will Senate GOP Feel the Given that control of the House is teetering and the battle over the 51-49 is just short of hand-to-hand-bat, it may seem odd to be thinking North Dakota GOP nominee Kevin Cramer said on Friday that the accusation Supreme Court pick Brett was "even more absurd