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Senate candidate Mitt Romney criticized the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy that led to the separation of families at the border.

Sen. Mitt Romney is now on record as saying that a GOP representative’s call to impeach President Donald Trump was “a courageous statement” — even though he disagrees with that conclusion himself. Sen. Mitt Romney on Sunday called a GOP congressman's call for impeaching President Donald Trump "a courageous statement" while maintaining that impeachment is not warranted based on the special Former presidentil cndidte " " to tell Jimmy wht he's up to now tht everyone's gone nd he's still rich. ed Jimmy Dore nd John Idrol (Host, TYT University) brek Tags: mitt, romney, calls, jimmy, Mitt Romney calls out President on President Donld Trump: He hsn't 'risen to the mntle of the office' scthg op-ed, Sen.-elect brodly criticized Donld Trump, syg the president hs "not Speless Legisltive Efforts To Get Trump's T 'Moronic' sure hs e long wy from the dys when he sid there ws good reson to believe there ws "bombshell"

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