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The March 13 election has the potential to upend expectations about how safe even the reddest of Republican congressional districts will be in the 2018 midterms.

Early in his presidency, Mr. Trump approved the removal of an Obama-era regulation intended to prevent people with mental disabilities from buying guns. In my opinion, Trump should reluctantly take the meeting. Reluctantly, because let’s not forget the last time Trump met with liberals about guns, it didn’t go over well. Heirloom-qulity 1911 Style memortive pistols fetures engrvings of “ 45” “45th President of The United Sttes” to be offered to the public. Tags: trump, pistols, cabot, guns, Donald Trump on Gun Control rm public school employees to prevent school shootings Florid Governor Rick Scott signed into lw bill imposing 21-yer-old legl ge requirement three-dy witing period ll gun purchses llowing the rming urged the illegl cfiscti of guns questied the GOP's legisltive strtegy.