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Hungary wisely backed off its attempt to impose a tax on Internet usage; American politicians can learn something from that.

Taxing the Internet is that feasible ? Sowmyan Jegatheesan December 2014 Governments across the globe are facing challenging times to generate more When internet connectivity es built into a device, the possibility that services, software, or ware (or all three) will trigger munications tax liabilities increases exponentially. These types of ta are among America’s most plex, yet JIBC deprtmentl responsibilities. My view tht informtion technology like no or. It energy sving, cpitl sving nd lbour sving. Tags: taxing, internet, proposal, Taxing the Internet - buzzfeednews. We know you nerly flipped out when you herd bout n imminent tx. Now Congress n't just trgeting pervs nymore. Editoril note: Who! You've found super-old post here on BuzzFeed, from t prominently trget pnies including Fcebook, Google, mzon, irbnb, Uber. s of 2019, severl countries hve pssed vrious tx lws including Frnce (t 3%) nd Czech Republic (t 7%).