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Some Trump voters, after their towns were flooded by Hurricane Harvey, are beginning to reconsider their conviction that climate change has no scientific basis.

Den Liberalen kam jedoch das ungleiche Wahlrecht zugute, wie es in vielen europäischen Ländern bis ins 20. Jahrhundert galt. Auch das Mehrheitswahlrecht konnte die Liberalen bevorzugen, wenn sie dadurch mit ihrer Mittelposition als Kompromisskandidaten dienten. A summary of social liberalism through the lens of political ideology. Measure your own political pass here http://.politicalpass.org/test And subsc liberl politicin one who holds the conviction tht the min purpose of politics should be to protect nd enforce the freedom of the individul. Liberls recognize the role of the government in enhncing Tags: what, liberal, politician, with, Liberal | Definition of Liberal Besides, hving liberl nture, he ws generlly redy to tret h pnions. &mdsh; Hortio lger, Rgged Dick, 1868 She liberl Democrt who mrried conservtive Republicn. She hs liberl ttitude towrd Liberl could refer to "free in bestowing" s erly s 1387, "mde without stint" in 1433, "freely permitted" in 1530 nd "free from restrint"&mdsh;often s pejortive remrk&mdsh;in the 16th nd the 17th centuries. In