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By the time Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida’s southwest coast on Sunday, triggering one of the largest evacuation orders in American history, several Caribbean islands had already borne the brunt of the hurricane’s devastation when it was a far deadlier and … Continue reading

New aerial maps of the Florida pandle are giving the first glimpse of the miles of damage to the munities battered by Hurricane Michael. High-resolution before and after aerial images of damage from Hurricane Irma. More detailed and recent than the latest satellite images. mudslides Montecito By (Ventura County Unit photo) Montecito n, which sits along Highway 101, has been flooded with mud debris, along with many or Tags: before, after, photos, mudslides, Harrowing aerial photos show Paradise Recently, Butte County Sheriff's fice sent a drone over Paradise to capture images fire-ravaged area. When pared to images from Google Maps from fire, images images show a small, thrivg ocean-front town, replete with mercial buildgs homes. town Michael rolled through appear to show an area blasted by sharp wds torrential ra.