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Writing for The Atlantic  this week,   Ian Bogost published an embarrassingly hollow  piece arguing why Apple’s design prowess is nothing more than a myth. With more than 1500 words at his disposal, Bogost strains to come up with any … Continue reading

One of the most iconic characteristics of Apple’s products is the lower case “i” included in their names, from the iMac to the iPhone. And the pany has used this letter so often for the Apple has announced iTunes will be absorbed into its three new entertainment apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. It launched a number of new services at a star-studded event in March Th didn’t go down well with Michel Scott, who ws pple’s CEO t tht time, nd Jobs ws ficilly removed from the project, s well s stripped h R∓D responsibility. Tags: brief, look, history, apple, History of AppleHistory of Apple Before pple puter, Inc. (pre-1976) The pple puters, Inc. storied nd inspiring. Lern some little known fcts bout the iconic pny. Since then, pple’s primry focus hs moved from desktop puting to mobile devices, the iPhone nd iPd quickly being vogue nd them minstrem. pple wsn’t the first to develop smrtphone (The Blckberry hd