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The United States Wednesday ordered non-emergency staff evacuated from its Baghdad embassy due to an “imminent” threat from Iranian-linked Iraqi militias, but President Donald Trump predicted Iran would “soon” want to start talks. The evacuation order, also covering the US … Continue reading

If you were arrested in the United States for an immigration violation and were allowed to depart voluntarily, you must prove that you have returned to Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank and/or Gaza by appearing The “sonic attacks” that afflicted diplomats at the US Embassy in Cuba could have just been the work of crickets, according to a report Sunday. WikiLeaks founder’s removal London brings seven-year diplomatic stalemate to an end Tags: julian, assange, faces, extradition, Additional Information for Job Applicants Jobs at the & Consulates Additional Information for Job Applicants Student Internship Program Other Job Opportunities Who May Apply: Area of Consideration All position vacancies list an “OPEN TO” category which refers to applicants Reservation Fee. A reservation fee of $1,283.00 mt be paid to the or Consulate General. The reservation fee is not refundable if the deposition is later canceled.