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All Nippon Airways Co said instruments on a flight indicated a battery error, but all passengers and crew evacuated safely.

Japan's two major airlines grounded all of their Boeing 787s after one of the planes made an emergency landing on Wednesday. (Jan. 16) SIA’s Boeing 787-10 aircraft all use the latest Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 TEN engines, an improved version which started flying on some of Scoot’s 787s in November 2017, following well documented issues with premature blade cracking No less than 15 Dreamlers were afftected by the GPS 20 rollover glitch, with some aircraft waitg an update. Tags: multiple, chinese, boeing, 787s, Boeing 737 Max grounded: What The 737 Max has been two fatal crashes. Here's what you need to know if you are flyg on American, Southwest or United. 2013, the first year of service the 787 Dreamler, a widebody jet airler, at least four aircraft suffered from electrical system problems stemmg from its lithium-ion batteries.

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Amid claims that he was drunk at a recent G7 meeting, Japan's Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa has resigned. He resigned shortly after a shaky performance at a G-7 meeting where participants accused him of being drunk. "I deeply apologize to…