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Jeb Bush says President Trump’s evidence-free claims are kneecapping his first 100 days in the White House. “He should stop saying things that aren’t true, that are distractions from the task at hand,” Bush said in an interview that aired … Continue reading

Jeb had urged the former first lady to "let go" of her frustrations with the controversial candidate, and instead focus on herself John Ellis Jeb Bush (Midland, 11 de febrero de 1953) es un político y empresario estadounidense. Fue gobernador de Florida desde 1999 hasta el año 2007. Auch die Beziehungen zwchen und den Bushs sd belastet. Bush, der zweitälteste Sohn des Verstorbenen, hatte sich 2016 um die Präsidentschaftskidatur der Republikaner beworben und Tags: amerika, nimmt, abschied, trump, Who is Jeb Bush, Really? Who Bush? The elite establhment who control the MSM (Mastream Media) are ensurg through their biased media coverage that US 2016 presidential hopeful Bush bees the frontrunng cidate for the Republican Party. All Bush’s prted material has referred to the White House hopeful as simply “!” But, judgg from h campaign stops th week, he might start usg h surname: “Bush!” The