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Joe Biden spotted several children in the room and invited four of them on stage. After introducing himself, Biden joked as he draped his arm around a boy that “he gave me permission to touch him.”

Joe Biden has twice made joking references to plaints from women that his physical behavior made them unfortable. The former vice-president’s ments on Friday came during his first Former Vice President Joe Biden was seen running in Pittsburgh, and the internet turned it into a joke about his 2020 presidential hopes. The day after former Vice President formally entered the 2020 Democric presidential primary field, President Donald Trump ok a jab 's age and jokingly called himself "a young Tags: trump, jokes, about, bidens, Accuser Lucy Flores: Biden's Touching Lucy Flores, the former Nevada Democr Assemblywoman who accused former Vice President of inapproprie , says the potential 2020 Democr hopeful’s the mter are “incredibly disrespectful.” President Donald Trump and both treed questions the former vice president's conduct around women as a joking mter.