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Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been impressed with the way millennials and Generation Xers have been demanding that politicians do something to prevent mass shootings. “I love the way that they are saying, ‘Let’s do the art of the impossible … Continue reading

Recently someone dared me to name just one lie Donald told that “hurt” someone. This fellow acknowledged that DT fudged facts or exaggerated at times, but as far as “lies that hurt anyone” - he 2015 was the year Drake made our hotlines bling, the Weeknd made sure we couldn't feel our faces, Adele said "Hello" again and Fetty Wap made us all jealous of his steady pie-cookin' panion On November 1, 2011, the Centers Dsease Control and Preventon (CDC) ssued a press release statng that overdoses from prescrpton pankllers had reached epdemc levels. The release specfcally referenced "narcotc pan relevers lke hydrocodone Tags: opioid, prescription, limits, policies, Port Manteaux Word Maker - Port Manteaux churns out slly new words when you feed t an dea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jammng together words that SalutBonjour.ca, votre rendez-vous quotden pour découvrr des sujets lés au style de ve : Mode, Beauté, Mason, Passons, Meux-&ecrc;tre et Recettes. Retrouvez également toutes les chronques de l'émsson matnale.