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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s job at a Senate hearing on Wednesday afternoon was to paint the Trump administration’s foreign policy toward Russia, North Korea, Syria and the rest of the world as coherent and consistent. That was no easy … Continue reading

Corker to Pompeo: Why does Trump purposely create distrust? Secretary of State Pompeo defends the Trump administration after Senator Corker Get the latest news, mentary, and video for political events, politics, and the government. TOKYO-- Catapultg forth contued U.S.-North Korea diplomacy, U.S. Secretary of State Mike set h sights on high bar wn landed Tags: pompeo, says, pyongyang, trip, Trump makes predictions on confirmation "I thk 's gog to work out really well and I thk our country really needs him," said of Secretary of State nomee Mike Michael (Mike) Ric Kushner to jo for meetgs wh Mexican leaders 's harsh immigration