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Police and protesters scuffle as protesters try to break through a gate of the presidential palace during a protest in Cairo, February 1, 2013. Opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi hurled petrol bombs at his palace on Friday as protesters … Continue reading

The police in France fired tear gas after violence broke out at the labor rally, with masked vandals mixing with demonstrators, smashing vehicles and throwing rocks. Violent clashes broke out in India's eastern state of West Bengal again on Sunday in the final phase of the staggered election that will decide whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi returns for a West Bengal as Votg dian Election Ends Supporters of the munist Party of dia-Marxist (CPI-M) shout slogans durg a protest march after a statue of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, an academic, was Tags: violence, flares, west, bengal, Violence flares in West Bengal Violent clashes broke out West Bengal aga on Sunday the fal phase of the staggered election that will decide whether Prime Mister Narendra Modi returns for a second term. By Goran Tomasevic. MAISA, Kenya (Reuters) - Kenya's Chief Eipa Choro, 74, remembers when battles were fought with knives and spears. But now newers with far more firepower are takg lives his region at