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Pascal Cotte announced that he has found proof that Leonardo da Vinci painted the original portrait “Mona Lisa” with eyelashes and eyebrows. Cotte examined the painting with a high-definition camera using several light spectrums, ultra-violet and infrared. The images can … Continue reading

It is believed that Da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503 or 1504 in Florence (Italy). It took Da Vinci 4 years to finish painting the Mona Lisa, despite its surprisingly small size. Made in Italy Mona Lisa Bild mit Barock Rahmen Wandbild von Leonardo da Vinci 70x90cm Kunstdrucke Gemälde Retro Repro Antik für Home Büro Praxis Café Leonardo da Vinci's " " is one of the most famous works of Western art. 's beguiling smile and her incredible realism have intrigued art lovers and critics for centuries, and virtually every portrait artist Tags: painting, techniques, used, mona, Mona Lisa – Wikipedia ist ein weltberühmtes Ölgemälde von Leonardo da Vinci aus der Hochphase der italienischen Renaissance Anfang des 16. Jahrhunderts. Das auf Italienisch als La Gioconda (‚die Heitere‘) – davon abgeleitet ihr französischer Name La Guinness World Records lists da Vinci's as having the highest ever insurance value for a . On permanent display at the Louvre in Paris, the was assessed at US$100 million on