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SF’s LoveFest is America’s largest techno-dance music celebration, the American version of Berlin’s Love Parade (which is actually not anymore in Berlin but is now the Loveparade 2007 in Essen, Germany – Love is everywhere..) The Lovefest Parade will start … Continue reading

Love Parade San Francisco The first annual " Summer of Love Parade" in San Francisco on August 7, 2016. The parade was in honor of Jerry Garcia (August 1st is his birthday and August 9th is the day he The parade will start in downtown San Francisco's financial district at Market and Beale Streets. People should arrive by 1PM and the parade will start at 2PM. The parade will move along the scenic Embarcadero Die (auch oder -) Wien, Mexiko-Stadt, oder tiago de Chile zelebriert. Das Motto war dabei immer das Gleiche wie in Berlin. Des Weiteren hat die viele inspiriert, Summer of Love Continues : Summer of took place on May 20 and will continue this Sunday, June 25th at the Gay Pride . We had 60 participants and the Dutch Public Broadcast TV filmed the Tags: nude, summer, love, continues, Two dozen marchers showed up for the Summer of in the Castro on Sunday, August 7, influenced by the 60s Summer of .