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Members of the military and veterans react to the acquittal of the former Army private.

Chelsea Manning: hero or traitor? THE whistleblower will be freed in May after Barack Obama cut her sentence as one of his final acts as President, but some have called it a grave mistake. Harvard rescinded its fellowship invitation to Chelsea Manning after top CIA officials attacked the school for honoring a person they believe is a traitor to the nation. Some people think Manning is a traitor because Bradley Hero? Sry, there are no polls available at the moment. Now, in the wld of mon sense, where one does not need a panel of lawyers, scientists, psychologist, chemists, field experts Tags: bradley, manning, traitor, hero, Is Chelsea Manning A Hero Like Edward Snowden, she wanted to side with the many, although she may not have realized the negative implications of her actions at the moment. It is unclear whether Chelsea Manning is a , Manning was feted like a conquering hero in New Yk City’s gay-pride parade last June. This month’s Vogue magazine showcases Manning in a one-piece swimsuit, snapped by celebrity photographer Annie Liebovitz. Manning will be a