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As Washington continues to reel from President Trump’s evidence-free assertion that his phones were wiretapped by former President Barack Obama before the election, former Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden says it seems Trump forgot something during his weekend Twitter … Continue reading

Ex-CIA Director e Tenet says "enhanced interrogation" methods used by CIA on suspected terrorists and others were not equivalent to torture. Well, that didn’t take long. Ex-CIA Director John Brennan, about as apolitical as civil servants e nowadays, watched what happened over the weekend and promptly went on Chris Hayes’ show to let people know that Former CIA John Brennan reportedly "deeply saddened" by President Dald John Advocate calls for fundamental shift in criminal justice system Shame Europe at t G-7 Tags: director, trump, should, ashamed, John Brennan: Ex-CIA-Chef übt scharfe "Der scinilige James ey war sein Boss und ließ McCabe wie einen Chorknaben aussen. Er wusste alles über die Lügen und Korrupti auf höchster Ebene beim FBI." -Direktor Brennan Der of Central Intelligence fungierte sowohl als Direktor des Auslandsnachrichtendienstes Central Intelligence Agency als auch als übergeordneter Leiter der – zu dieser Zeit – 15 einzelnen US-amerikaniscn Geimdienste – der so genannten Intelligence munity