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Google and Amazon have the two best voice-enabled virtual home assistants in  Google Home and Amazon Echo . Both devices were on sale through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and each of them should be a great addition to your smart home … Continue reading

Google Home is a brand of smart speakers developed by Google. The devices enable users to speak voice mands to interact with services through Google Assistant, the pany's virtual assistant. Google Home Hub has Google products like Maps, Calendar and YouTube, pared to Facebook's friend network, and Echo Show's use of Alexa. Images. The most prehensive image search on the web. Tags: google, images, Google Home: A Quick Start Can't wait start using device? This quick start guide have set up and running in a few simple steps. Step 1. Plug the power cable in r device Run the open source PageSpeed Modules on r Apache or Nginx server aumaticy rewrite and optimize resources on r web site.