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Pascal Cotte announced that he has found proof that Leonardo da Vinci painted the original portrait “Mona Lisa” with eyelashes and eyebrows. Cotte examined the painting with a high-definition camera using several light spectrums, ultra-violet and infrared. The images can … Continue reading

Mona Lisa (ook La Gioconda genoemd) is de titel van een waarschijnlijk tussen 1503 en 1506 geschilderd werk van Leonardo da Vinci, dat nu in het Louvre hangt. Mona Lisa (mona to w dialekcie toskańskim odpowiednik madonny, wł. i hiszp.: La Gioconda; fr.: La Joconde) – obraz olejny namalowany na drewnie topoli przez malarza włoskiego renesansu, Leonarda da Vinci. This is the first Jeanne Kalogridis novel I read. I liked I, so much that it inspired me to pick up The Borgia Bride which I liked even better. Tags: amazon, mona, lisa, 9780312341398, Mona Lisa painting 'contains hidden Art historians are probing a real life Da Vinci Code style mystery after discovering tiny numbers and letters painted into the eyes of the artist's enigmatic . Her tricky smile and timeless allure have inspired academic study and artistic emulation for more than five centuries. But the story of this perplexing portrait is even richer than it looks.