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In the lead-up to the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels, President Donald Trump

Ahead of the uping NATO summit, leaders worry President Donald Trump may have a falling out with some of America's allies. CNN's Nic Robertson reports. President Trump's verbal attacks on NATO set off a flurry of legislative activity in the US Senate aimed at expressing support for the beleaguered alliance. has criticized European not what they agreed to defense. Under a 2014 agreement, set that amount at 2 percent of each country's ecomic output. Tags: trump, nato, germany, totally, Trump blasts NATO members, sending U.S. President Dald "cibly" renews demand that increase . N- leaders leave to allow special sessi "Angela, you need to do something about this," said. President ’s overseas trip is quickly being a distracti tour as he and accuses Germany of being ctrolled by Russia. Peter Baker, Ashley Parker and Jackie Calmes join