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Republicans’ position on the issue was further complicated by a boycott that led the NBA to move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper spoke after signing a bill rolling back HB2 under pressure from businesses and the NCAA. Cooper said, "Our laws are catching up with our people." Subscribe to the North Carolina’s ‘bathroom bill’ is one of the top most trending searches on Google, as it was introduced in March. It turns out a lot of people are Googling details about what the law is North Carola's H.B. 2—requirg transgender dividuals to use the public buildgs that matches the gender dicated on their birth certificates—has been repealed. Tags: repeals, bathroom, bill, empts, Opinion: the N.C. 'Bathroom Bill,' A summation of what the General Assembly did, one day, with one , on LGBT rights and local government authority. It was flabbergastg.