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As much as some people might hate to admit it, slow home internet service isn’t always your ISP’s fault. In fact, your internet service provider probably supplies you with much faster download and upload speeds than you’re actually taking advantage … Continue reading

If you just want to find out what the device is, you can try probing the terminals with a diode checker. A MOSFET will have a body diode, transistor two junctions; build a circuit to Other users are having problems with these devices! Be sure to check out similar posts in case they had the same issue There are 4 other questions relating to the Onn Wireless Keyboard - click be fine with a relay. Relays take a few milliseconds to operate and have lifetimes from maybe 100,000 operations to 10 million so need to bear that in mind but for r Tags: connect, these, devices, edaboard, drivers - What are these After running Powertop to do some tests with power usage, I realised that I have USB listed that are not actually in use and that I would like to remove pletely from my