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Fraser Anning was speaking to reporters Saturday when cameras caught a 17-year-old standing behind the politician cracking a raw egg on his head.

Before anyone could react, the teen smashes the egg on the senator's head. A shocked Anning turns around and smacks the 17-year-old teen, who maintains his balance and keeps on recording. This further infuriates Anning, Teen who smashed egg on Australian senator’s head speaks out for first time 2019-03-17 The 17-year-old boy who smashed an egg on an Australian senator’s head has spoken out for the first time since the A can be seen smashing an an Muslim the deadly shootings at two s. Tags: teen, eggs, australian, senator, Teen Smashes Egg on Australian Footage of the incident shows a young man watching Anning from the sidelines bee he starts filming with his mobile phe, and then the the back of the 's head. In Aussie lawmaker Reuters / No ments Share: Fraser Anning has an smashed his head while talking to the media in Victoria, Australia March 16, 2019.