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Computer security legend John McAfee’s social accounts have been racking up the retweets, likes and shares in recent days after he posted an image of what appears to be Pornhub running on the display of a smart refrigerator. His tweet accompanying … Continue reading

In an exclusive interview, John McAfee talks about his recent projects, the importance of marketing, and why he’d like to run for (but not be) president of the United States. Here is my latest (my 3rd) interview with John McAfee. We discuss his presidential run while being on the run, his recent issues with the C.I.A., leaving the Revenge of Cis interview live pics include trump and Greenland, life on run and much more. Rotc media # #RevengeofCis Tags: revenge, interview, john, mcafee, JOHN MCAFEE INTERVIEW! BITCOIN TO In this interview, and I discussed his bitcoin prediction 1 million by 2020. He claims his most recent prediction 2 million was mis interpreted by media, however, he says he wouldn Interview with . By Panama Cryp . 1. Tell us about r background, and how/why ended up in cryp. My background is exclusively in software engineering, 75% of which was focused on -security.