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Computer security legend John McAfee’s social accounts have been racking up the retweets, likes and shares in recent days after he posted an image of what appears to be Pornhub running on the display of a smart refrigerator. His tweet accompanying … Continue reading

INTERVIEW: John McAfee and his wife Janice connect with the Coin Rivet TV studios to talk about life on the run from the authorities, his presidential campaign, tax evasion, severing ties with SkyCoin and tattoos. John McAfee, 2020 Presidential Candidate and founder of antivirus pany McAfee, was recently released from confinement in the Dominican Republic. Since then, he has been in the United Kingdom . McAfee spoke with 71 Republic ’s recent self-imposed extradition United States and in international waters is possibly one of most talked about events in recent crypcurrency hisry. Tags: exclusive, john, mcafee, speaks, John McAfee Interview: Magic, Money, has been very vocal about his libertarian belief that ta are slavery. He posts it on social media, says so in his keynote speeches, and he's even launching his own crypcurrency 'freedom coin' : “La beauté de la cryp, c’est que même les gamins peuvent créer leurs propres coins, bordel” – C’est au creux de la vague du Blockchain Malta Summit, après une soirée agitée et