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The National Telecommunication & Information Administration (NTIA) on Tuesday announced that it plans to hold a variety of meetings next year, starting in early February, to discuss the use of facial recognition technology in modern devices. The NTIA will also … Continue reading

San Francisco could be the first US city to ban facial recognition tech (updated) Facial recognition is a blossoming field of technology that is at once exciting and problematic. If you've ever unlocked your iPhone ($1,000 at Amazon) by looking at it, or asked Facebook or A US police force is running suspect sketches through Amaz's tech and it could lead to wrgful arrests Tags: police, running, sketches, through, Amazon joins Microsoft's fight against Amaz joins Microsoft's fight against misuse, says tech should be used lawfully Amaz has asked lawmakers to formulate rules around its use. Tech Mahindra adopts to mark attendance Staff at TechM can now mark their attendance by simply looking into the new - terminal.