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NEW YORK (AP) — Without saying his name, Hillary Clinton assailed President Donald Trump during a commencement speech in New York on Wednesday, saying the president should be held accountable for defying Congress and ignoring special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings … Continue reading

Clinton, a former secretary of state and senator who lost to Trump in 2016, accused the administration of passing up a chance to stand up against bigotry and white supremacy, and instead favoring On Thursday evening, Trump called Clinton's speech "pathetic," "sad to watch" and "phony." He did not dive into the details of what she said. , 's likely general electi oppent, cast University as a get-rich scheme for the real estate mogul that preyed vulnerable Americans, urgg them sign up for pricey Tags: clinton, assails, trump, fraud, Clinton assails Trump on Israel Israel. By Julian Hattem - 03/21/16 10:21 AM EDT . Hillary Hillary Diane Rodham Dem strategist says some voters ok their vote for granted 2016 Dem Hillary and Dald usg the term "radical Islamic terrorism" "The murder of nocent people breaks our hearts," said. "Tears at our sense of security, and makes us furious.