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Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown has been re-elected to his third six-year term in the

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio is the leader we need for these difficult times. Republican National mittee Spokesperson Mandi Merritt issued a blistering broadside Wednesday against Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and his “Dignity of Work” tour. Verified account @Sen. Office of United States . Proud to serve . Tweets from signed -SB. Tags: sherrod, brown, sensherrodbrown, twitter, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown: I Democratic Sen. may not be officially running, but that’s not stopping him from making some bold predictions. In a surprisingly aggressive statement, the third term declared: has a temper, is often rumpled, and has been in elected office since he graduated from Yale, except for one two-year break.

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In the War on Drugs, it's Rob Portman 1, Flesh-Eating Zombies 0. Following a recent string of attacks around the country involving people who ingested the synthetic drug known as "bath salts" and then attacked victims and ate their flesh,…