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The U.S. regulator writing new open-Internet rules plans to submit a proposal as early as next month and ask the Federal Communications Commission to vote on it Feb. 26. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler “intends to circulate an Open Internet order … Continue reading

Us fcc chief plans to ditch us 'net neutrality' rules WASHINGTON: The head of the U.S. Federal munications mission unveiled plans on Tuesday to repe FCC v. Apple — FCC chief Ajit Pai wants Apple to stop disabling FM radio chips in iPhones [Updated] Pai cites public safety concerns; Apple says new iPhones have no FM chip at all. Formal approval by the , however, would still require a majority of the agency's five missiers, likely teeing up approval alg party lines. Tags: chief, recommend, approval, sprint, FCC chief to wireless industry: chairman m Wheeler tells industry not expect a free ride any of the major issues his agency is now csidering, including megamergers, Net neutrality, and the uping incentive Its role is manage the electromagnetic spectrum, specifically frequency allocati and spectrum usage. OET cducts technical studies of advanced phases of terrestrial and space municatis and administers s regarding radio devices, experimental