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PARIS (AP) — French riot police fired tear gas and water cannon in Paris on

A massive blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris devastated large parts of the 850-year-old church. The fire is now out, but the cathedral's iconic spire fell during the hours it took to battle The French Army will support some 5,000 police trying to keep order during the 19th Yellow Vest Saturday demonstration in a row in Paris at the weekend. President Emmanuel Macron vowed Tuesday to rebuild the heavily damaged symbol of France within the next five years. The msive that ripped through ' Notre Dame Cathedral Tags: french, president, emmanuel, macron, Louis Barthou - Wikipedia Jean Louis Barthou ( pronunciation: [ʒɑ̃ lwi baʁtu]; 25 August 1862 &ndh; 9 October 1934) w a politician of the Third Republic who served Prime Minister of France for eight months in 1913. The cause of the Notre-Dame Cathedral is still being investigated and the prosecutor h ruled out arson and says it w likely the result of an accident.