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The celebrity chef has hired new lawyers to defend her in a discrimination lawsuit.

As the Paula Deen saga closes out its third week and the jury continues to deliberate on whether the celebrity chef's formerly charming-as-cherry-pie persona will ever reemerge (or whether she'll ever find forgiveness from the Paula Deen used to be one of the performers on Food Network, with multiple shows, appearances on talk shows and other programs, and even a few cookbooks under her belt. Her show Paula's Home Bake Grandma Hiers' Carrot Cake recipe, from on Food Network, and frost it with her fabulous cream cheese frosting. Tags: grandma, hiers, carrot, cake, Paula Deen's Family Kitchen | - ’s Family Kitchen is a family-style dining experience born from the classic recipes of the Queen of Southern Cuisine herself. Now with 4 locations, including our two est in Texas At ’s Family Kitchen, guests will enjoy classic family recipes in a unique family-style setting just like they do in their very own homes. We serve up endless portions of Southern-Style entrees and