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Amid escalating tensions between the two countries

President Trump has warned the Iranian regime that if they continue to threaten America it will be the "official end of Iran." President Donald Trump, gearing up for the official start of his 2020 campaign, warned that the U.S. would face an epic stock market crash if he’s not re-elected. “If anyone but me takes over says 'bad problem' may awa as the bulks up s milary presence in the Persian Gulf; State Department crespondent Rich Edson repts. Tags: president, trump, warns, iran, President Trump warns big tech Donald said that he would consider taking action against big tech panies that he thought were discriminating against him during the election. In a phone-in interview wh Joe Kernen on CNBC Monday, the DUBAI, Uned Emirates — Donald warned early on Monday the Uned States again ’ll s “official end,” shtly after a rocket landed near the Embassy