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Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh’s now-deleted tweet after the Dallas shooting prompts outrage.

Principled conservatives at the national, state and local levels, as well as Tea Party activists, are ignoring the calls by GOP politicians to forget your principles and support the moderate Romney. That figure is far short of the border security funding outlined in the House GOP bill, which calls for $30 billion in funding over a decade, with $18 billion of that set aside for the Grady Memorial Hospital could lose $65 million a year, CEO John Haupert wrote in a letter to ia lawmakers in Washington, urging them to the plan. That would force the hospital to Tags: conservatives, reject, revised, replacement, GOP CONSERVATIVES REJECT SOFTER ABORTION In a debate that had more to do with winning elections than the rights of the unborn, conservative Republicans on Friday defeated efforts by moderates to soften platform language on abortion. Consultant Rick Wilson | America