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The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s sleekest, lightest e-book reader yet — and at $290, unnecessary unless you’re a die-hard reader. The Oasis, which started shipping this week, is meant to be a luxury e-book …

Update: This review is for the first generation Amazon Kindle Oasis that was released in 2016 and is now very difficult to find on sale. There's now the more recent Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) that Ich hab mich auf den neuen Kindle Oasis 2017 sehr gefreut, so richtig zufrieden bin ich allerdings nicht. Dieses Mal mache ich es auch kurz – fast versprochen 🙂 The lest version of the Amazon is expensive, but it offers the best ereader experience money can buy with an easy-to-use system, beautiful gn and phenomenal reading experience Tags: amazon, kindle, oasis, review,