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Shortly after he wrapped up his victory remarks, Mitt Romney emailed out a fundraising appeal to his supporters with a telling subject line: “Time to close” It reflects both the frontrunner’s wishful thinking that Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron … Continue reading

After Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential nominee, wrote a critical op-ed about Trump in 'The Washington Post' there was a swift reaction online. Mitt Romney profile and collection of news, in-depth analysis, opinion articles, photos and videos from Vanity Fair. e gives his wife, Lenore, and son , 14, a hug at a Detroit news conference Feb. 10, 1962, he announced he would seek the Republican nomination for governor of Michigan. Tags: mitt, romney, through, years, Mitt Romney Fails Again - The first public thing did in the year 2019 — on Jan. 1 — was publish an attack on President Trump in the Washingn Post, which, as we know, has not lacked for Mr. Hatch, the longest-serving Senate Republican, announced that he would retire at the end of the year, clearing a path for run.