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Confirmation of the visit follows speculation that Kim would soon reach out to a long-time ally after failing to get sanctions relief during his last nuclear talks with U.S. President Donald Trump in February. The Kremlin statement gave no date … Continue reading

North Korea on Tuesday confirmed that leader Kim Jong Un will soon visit Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin. North Korean state media has confirmed that leader Kim Jong-un will travel to Russia "soon" for his first ever meeting with Vladimir Putin. While no date has been announced, the Kremlin has also MOSCOW (AP) — n President Vladimir will with Korean leader Jong Un for a much-anticipated summit Thursday, the Kreml said, endg weeks of speculation about the g’s timg and venue. Tags: north, koreas, russia, meet, North Korea: Kim Jong Un News Korea: Jong Un 'soon' Korean leader Jong Un is set visit for a g with President Vladimir . Jong Un Vladimir Unusual Summit The first g between the leaders of Korea and will almost certaly plicate U.S. efforts denuclearize the rogue regime.