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WASHINGTON ― Senate Republicans said Thursday that President Donald Trump has ruled out what some consider the best hope for undocumented young people who could face deportation because of him: attaching protections for the the so-called Dreamers to an omnibus … Continue reading

Senate Republicans, meanwhile, are approaching the impeachment inquiry in a more measured tone. If the House ultimately does vote to impeach, they’ll have to act as jurors and therefore feel more responsibility to appear sensible WASHINGTON — Despite loudly criticizing the closed-doors secrecy of the impeachment inquiry, Senate Republicans widely say they will not watch the public hearings next week. Some said they would be too busy, others cited a campaigns should call FBI over foreign dirt. They also shot down a that would legally require campaigns to do so. By Li Zhou Jun 13, 2019, 5:40pm EDT Tags: senate, republicans, campaigns, should, Senate Republicans Say They Would are makg it clear that if the House impeaches President , the upper chamber will act quickly to plete the constitutionally required trial, just as it did when it knew , with 22 seats up for reelection and their majority up for grabs 2020, are a bd over how to defend President from the House impeachment push.