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US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser on Sunday set out conditions for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, saying the defence of allies must first be assured. The comments by John Bolton during a visit to Israel signalled … Continue reading

Steve Bannon, former aide to Donald Trump, said the Prime Minister was 'not terribly sophisticated' - and pared her to the 'inspiring' Boris Johnson. Get the latest news, mentary, and video for political events, politics, and the government. All the latest breaking news on Donald . Browse The Independent’s plete collection of articles and mentary on Donald . Tags: donald, trump, latest, news, A Bernie Sanders devotee makes Actually, it’s not too clear exactly how and when Sirota transitioned from being a journalist to a Sanders campaign . We requested an interview with Sirota about the timeline, though he On a recent morning in Hollywood, mer Donald e Papadopoulos was standing at the counter of the Bourgeois Pig, a hip, dimly-lit cafe on trendy Franklin Avenue. The 31-year-old

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The withdrawal of US troops in Syria will have an impact on the battlefield and well beyond, with wide-ranging geopolitical ramifications. Among the most alarmed at a US pullout will be Kurdish fighters who form the backbone of the Syrian…