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Tesla earlier today officially changed its company name from Tesla Motors to Tesla Inc. The move comes just a few short months after Tesla changed its website from teslamotors.com to tesla.com. While ostensibly a minor move, the name-change signals that … Continue reading

Tesla Motors isn't just a car pany. That's been true for some time, as Elon Musk's firm has pushed its way into the energy sector over the past two years. But now the pany is Tesla officially unveils the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA. The former NUMMI factory closed in April 2010. Tesla purchased the factory in May to build the Model S and future Tesla vehicles. The Tesla Factory All-Wheel Drive has two independent . Unlike traditional all-wheel drive systems, these two digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels—for far better handling and traction control. Tags: model, tesla, Tesla pletes acquisition of Maxwell, After a few months of formalities, announced today that it has finally pleted acquisition of Maxwell and it will be able to take over battery technology. Cuphead will be playable in Cars. Yes. You read that right. Elon Musk is a fan of the devilishly difficult bullet-heck shooter and wants to have Studio